REVIEW: Hussar Wireless Speaker Blasts Incredible Sound From Portable Size

Just like most people, music is my greatest influencer. It soothes my soul and motivates me to do things that are otherwise boring and tedious – such as cooking and cleaning. When tasked with chores, I love to flip on a familiar tune and let it drown out the world around me; however, this is difficult to do when my phone volume only goes so high. In fact, the world often drowns out my music. Thankfully, I was recently introduced to the Hussar Wireless Speaker – and I’m amazed.

From such a small size, the speaker’s sound is phenomenal. I don’t even need to turn it anywhere near 100% for the sound to blast through the air. All in all, it’s a powerful tool that is sure to delight anyone searching for loud sound in an affordable and portable package.

In addition to its high quality sound and portability, the Hussar Wireless Speaker is also very sleek. It’s modern and not bulky, and it looks nice on a countertop. Since it’s wireless, that means there are no unsightly cords – and it can be brought with me from room to room… if it were needed! Amazingly, the speaker is so loud that I can hear it throughout my whole house.

Lastly, the best thing about this speaker is its battery life: Up to 12 hours! Plus, if I forget about it, the speaker auto-sleeps for ultimate battery-saving power. I simply take a few seconds to pair it with my phone, and I’m set for an entire day of music.

I definitely recommend the Hussar Wireless Speaker for anyone looking to add more music to their daily routine.

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